Gangstar Vegas Guide for Cash, Diamond and Movie Bucks

Gangstar Vegas Guide

Gangstar Vegas Guide for Cash, Diamond and Movie Bucks

Gangstar Vegas, a high graphical action game with the mechanics of open world where you can get experience of driving, shooting, collecting items and many more things. Gameloft always come up with something unique and Gangstar Vegas is best one. This multiplatform game has so many things to do and earning currency is one of them. There are many currencies and each one can be earned as well as purchased by spending real money on the shop offered in the game.

Cash – Primary Currency

Cash is the main currency of the game which is common and can be earned by various methods, so keep reading our Gangstar Vegas Guide. You are able to use it in the purchases of many things and the most common thing purchased is weapons. You are also able to get vehicles for transportation, health packs, armor, etc. The easiest method to earn higher amount of cash is completing missions and it is pretty much reliable. There are different types of mission available and you can try out all of them and get higher amount. On the other hand, you can try out the daily tasks because these are easy and offer pretty much good amount so this is better one to go with. There are multiplayer battles offering highest rewards and they are awesome to try out.

Diamond – Premium Currency

When it comes to the purchase of premium things, a premium currency comes in between. Yes, Diamond is the premium currency of the game and it can be earned by various methods. The easiest method you can rely on is to complete important task. It is pretty much hard to earn than anything else but do you know that there are many benefits. If you are running out of cash then you can convert diamonds into the cash and get rid of all the issues with ease. If no method work in getting it then the in-app purchases can help you out.

Movie Bucks

There is an alternative currency offered in this game and various methods can help in earning a good amount. It isn’t important as cash or diamond so you have different and easy method to earn it. You can use movie bucks to buy special chests in the game and these chests are full of surprise stuff.  These chests can offer weapons. Health packs and armor so you can rely on it. There is single method offered to earn it. Well, you need to watch the advertisement given on the main screen. Tap on the advertisement icon and watch a 30 second advertisement to get a good amount.

The Conclusion

These are three important currencies of the game and each one is playing an important role in winning. If you don’t want to tackle any issue then must pay attention on earning higher amount and spending it less. You can save money by completing missions instead of spending money on the bundles offered by developers. It is pretty much good method and helpful also.

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